Being one of the largest groups in Egyptian society (the age range 18-29 being a quarter of Egypt’s population), this generation finds itself in a difficult position. Between the freedom of childhood and the responsibilities of family life, they don’t get the opportunities to develop themselves fully. NHASD is facing these difficulties throughout its work, having targeted youth as a specific group ever since its foundation in 2003.

Youth in Egypt are highly affected by unemployment and underemployment, reaching a rate of about 38%. Civic participation is even lower, with about 1% of youth actively involved in politics. Clearly, our overall objective is to get them employed in a job that matches their capacity, and show them the importance of being active and critical citizens.

Jobs are out of reach for the younger generation because of privatization policies and budget cuts. Much needed labor force and creative input stays unused in this way. Economic empowerment is therefore one of the prime goals for youth, making vocational training available to youth without bright labor market perspectives. By being trained in a profession, they qualify for high-skilled jobs, thus being able to earn more money.

Education is the key to development, and there should be a constant thrive for educating Egypt’s youth. Besides that, by showing them their opportunities and responsibilities, we hope to involve the younger generation more in the society around them.