Studies indicated that more than 98% of children with disabilities including mild disabilities such as learning difficulties, physical handicaps, visual and hearing impairments, are excluded from their basic right to education. According to the UNESCO only 2% of disabled children manage to enroll school, while the remaining 98% are ripped of their right to education and thus the chance to employment. This in turn claims the overwhelming majority of children with disabilities their human right to live a life in dignity.

Since 2003 NHASD has been increasingly working with local and international organizations addressing the great injustice and challenges to children with disabilities face in Egypt. Collaborating with 13 NGOs located in 5 different governorates, NHASD has been actively engaged in activities that focus on advocating policy reform regarding the right of children with disabilities in Egypt. NHASD has been implementing a number of awareness raising activities as well as media campaigns with network members in the different governorates.

Within this framework, NHASD has taken efforts to empower children with disabilities to claim their rights to education. Engaging our target communities located in the marginalized areas of Old Cairo and South Cairo, we seek to enhance the inclusion and participation of children and youth with disability in their local community.

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