Cairo – Menia – Wadi el Gadid (10 days trip)

Cairo – Menia – Wadi el Gadid (10 days trip) -> 300 Euro/pp

■2 days / Cairo, accommodation in a private house to live closely experience of real local life. Visit main historical places (Egyptian museum, El Azhar Mosque, Cittadel, Khan El Khalili…), try very tasteful Egyptian typical food, going around downtown and smell the nice and friendly atmosphere of the city.

■2 days / El Menia, visit the old and new city, local museum.

■2 days / Kharga oasis the seat of the New Valley Governorate, visit at the “suq” (traditional marketplace), local museum and the Temple of Nadura.

■2 day / Dakhla oasis, visit to the Ethnographic museum of Mut and medieval Islamic village in Balat.

■2 days / Farafra oasis, visit the Fortress, the Infidel Rock (Church of the Spirits of the Lost Persian Army), Sphinx Valley.


*The price per trip includes accommodation, transportation and food.

For further information and special request contact us through our mail

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