Solidarity Tourism

Solidarity Tourism

Community based tourism is known as a solidarity tourism in which the local population control the touristic activities, from the methods of reception of the participants to the generated incomes.

It offers better perspectives to poor regions, on an economic as well as human level. In this perspective, it is the village communities that organize themselves to create tourist visits adapted to local realities, develop the culture and the human exchange, and respect the environment.

Donor Project title
Finnish   Embassy To establish a self-sustainable community centre and guest house in Balat and to promote solidarity tourism in the area

El Wadi El Gadid

The Western Desert has always been a mysterious land.

Many legends cover its history, and from the beginning of time this desert has beckoned to explorers from around the world, eager to discover what lies over the next sand dune or beyond the next plateau.

The depressions formed in the Pliocene epoch contain the famous oases of the Western Desert that either came to existence due to natural springs or tapped underground water.

There’re seven major depressions: Qattara, Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya, Siwa, and Fayoum.

All of these tend to be near a geological boundary and are surrounded totally or in part by a cliff called an escarpment or scarp, the top of which is at the level of the normal desert floor.

In 2006, NHASD started to operate within the desert receiving 500 feddan (210 ha) from the Wadi Governorate, which makes up 44% of the country vast land and the least populated as well with not more than 1.8 million inhabitants, under the initiative to promote social development in the region.

Our target community is located in Balat, a village just 5 km away from the Dakhla oasis town and 160 km from the El Kharga oasis, the capital of the Wadi Governorate. The area is rich in natural resources and is highly attractive to travelers and tourists from all over the world.

NHASD has been working with the Finish Embassy to promote solidarity tourism and organic agriculture in the Wadi Governorate through its project in 2008, 2009 and 2010 focusing on preparing an environmental and local custom-adopted community guesthouse on NHASD agricultural farming school land.

The guesthouse is complete and will be a fundamental source of income for sustainable development projects based in the region of Wadi el Gadid. The whole building is made by recycling of local materials, such as Palm trees wood and mud bricks, all of which are in perfect harmony with the  landscape. The shape of the cupola allows air circulation to keep rooms fresh. The guesthouse will provide you with a nice environment all around, kind people whose it will be pleasure to make your stay enjoyable, and lots of excursions that will pique your discovery side.


The rooms are well furnished and comfortable with services. There are available single and double rooms, starting with 20$ person/day.

There is a kitchen available to anyone would be interested in, and everyday meal are prepared to let you taste the deep local flavors of own land products surrounded by natural environment and landscape .