NHASD has excessively contributed to improving and extending required infrastructure in the health sector to its target communities. Bad and wrong nutrition especially among children have significant negative impact on children‘s development and daily capacities.

Our objective is to provide our target communities with overall better access to health care facilities, while at the same time supporting community centers in gaining skills on fundamental health issues. Our staff offers a number of services including workshops, training facilities and educational seminars on pressing health issues. Working with community leaders, women, children and doctors, NHASD designs projects on a participatory base, including all social groups necessary for enduring a healthier society.

Drawing from our long standing trustful and reciprocate relationship with our target communities, we constantly seek to improve and expand an effective collaboration between relevant state institutions and local authorities. Building on such partnerships and networks NHASD ensures for an improved response to local demands.

Environmental Protection NHASD considers a healthy and safe environment a fundamental right of all citizens. A safe and healthy environment is essential to any developmental effort as environmental degradation proves to firstly and mostly threaten the livelihoods of the most marginalized and poor people. In this sector NHASD works on two major issues. One part of our program addresses the problems of air pollution in Cairo, and the second part focuses on issues of environmental protection in squatter communities.

Our overall objective is to work with target communities, in cooperation with national and international government and non-governmental agencies, towards protecting and managing the environment through multiple projects that deal with:

  • Domicile upgrading
  • Reducing air pollution
  • Water utility management
  • Environmental health education
Donor Project title
Finnish Embassy (2011) Sustainable water management solution for agribusiness development in Dakhla
GTZ (2006) Develop the health and enviromental housing conditions of poor families in marginalized areas in Old Cairo
Australian   Embassy Modernising pottery workshops
UNDP – GEF Reduce air pollution in Manial and Old Cairo
GTZ Provide secure sewage system for poor families
I – CE.   Interface of Cycling Expertisse Bicycle project
I – CE.   Interface of Cycling Expertisse Bicycle micro finance project for 40 women in Balat, Egypt
Embassy of Japan Enhancing the vocational training project for environmentally friendly agriculture in New valley