Raise the efficiency of the educational process at schools in Old Cairo

We are conducting a pilot project to reform primary education in Old Cairo by targeting two primary schools for a comprehensive set of activities. Four hundred children that were at risk of dropping out for financial reasons have had their tuition and school fees paid, while eighty child labourers have been returned to school. Literacy
classes were provided for the parents of students to improve awareness of the importance of investing in an education. As part of our consistent efforts to build up the capacities of local institutions on the community level, an Educational Development Committee of local decision makers, school administrators, teachers, parents, and university
academics has been created to discuss problems with the primary educational system and encourage local policy reform by offering long-term solutions. A teacher training program is helping to raise the calibre of the school faculty by enhancing their teaching skills as well as their abilities to deal with
children in general and children at risk in particular. One of the aspects most lacking in the educational system, is a well-rounded approach to child development. As such, we are initiating extracurricular activities in the schools. In order to help encourage students to be more active participants in education, activities for gifted students are being implemented. This project started over the summer of 2005 and continued through to July 2007.

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