Community empowerment and job-creation through Organic Agri-Business development project in the New Valley

Through a multi-faceted approach, the project in the New Valley will see the implementation of the main activity— training on organic farming—to create a virtuous and sustainable impact on employment, public health, societal life of the communities and on the environment. 310 small scale farmers including woman and youth will be trained on new organic farming methods (organic fertilizer, renewable energy, greenhouses) to develop their skills and knowledge about the production of a new variety of organic crops. While the project aims to generate new job opportunities, creating direct links between businessmen and farmers and providing opportunities for farmers to export products outside the region, it will simultaneously impact societal structure by activating the role of women in society and within the family.
There will also be a visible change in the areas of public health and environment, specifically through the use of organic methods. The consumption of organic products free of chemicals will reduce diseases and help in decreasing incidences of malnutrition, while the use of organic fertilizer will avoid environmental pollution and will improve the productivity of the soil, increasing overall crop production.

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