Success Stories

NHASD has achieved a lot in the time we’ve been active. In our annual reports (downloadable from the orange Box to the right) we list our achievements into detail, but on this page we will give you some practical examples how small investments can change the lives of many.

Girls Scholarship Project Success story: Samar

Girls Scholarship Project

Girls Scholarship Project

Samar was in her second year of high school when her mother died. After her father tragically lost his leg in an accident and left their family without an income, Samar had to start making and selling handicrafts to provide for her family. She was forced to leave school entirely because she could not afford to pay the fees or purchase her uniform while also sustaining her family. NHASD provided Samar with a fee scholarship and school uniform. This made it possible for her to re-enroll in school. To support her more, NHASD taught her how to market her handicrafts in a better way. In this way she is able to simultaneously study and provide an income for her family.

Literacy class Success story

Success story: Literacy

Literacy classes

An illiterate woman found it difficult to follow up on the learning process of her children. However, after she signed up for a literacy class she not only learned to read and write but also she became more aware about her own rights and the rights of her children to a proper education. She has now started to closely follow the education of her children. She has been meeting with the teachers at her children’s school to ask about their grades and their academic performance.

Reintegration of juvenile convicts
At the age of 16 Emad made a big mistake, he couldn’t find a job and was out on the street for most of the day. Out of boredom he harrassed a girl sexually, for which he was arrested. Now, at age 19, he has fullfilled his punishment and NHASD helps him to reintegrate into society. Tackling exactly the problems Emad identified as the reasons for his behaviour three years before, NHASD gave him access to vocational training and literacy classes while still in detention. When he came out, he was supported to start a small workshop in furniture production. He now works in the workshop at home to provide himself and his family with a fair income. More important, he realizes his life is now much better then three years ago, and he would not even think of committing the same offence again.

Community Development Association

Community Development Associations
Over the past years, NHASD achieved to strengthen the capacities of 24 Community Development Associations mainly in the region of greater Cairo. NHASD has been able to broaden general assembly members from an average of 150 to 200 and above in some communities. Also increasing participation of community members, generating higher income for the CDA activities, and moreover rising the number of female participants in the general assembly and CDA boards. Through these enhanced community structures, formerly unheard voices in Egyptian society find their way to the policy making process.

Family Justice Success Story

A true success story was the reconsolidation between a married couple, in which the wife came to the counselling center to receive advice on divorcing her husband as he is forcing her to live with their children in a extreme run down flat where all kind of insects reside and no clean water is available. After several consultation session with her, she brought her husband too. The social worker supported the couple to develop solutions to their problem before taking final steps to break up the family. After several attempts the couple found together a way to overcome their problem. The husband agreed to find a better housing, while the wife would help him in providing income. She returned to teaching in school and now supports her husband in bringing additional 200LE to the house. After helping with find contacts in the area the social worker reported that they found a new flat and even managed to get a loan to upgrade their old flat in order to sell it for better value later.

Small business

Small business

Success story from the Micro Finance Unit
Mrs Alwani is the mother of four sons and has been the head of her household since the death of her husband. She started with a small loan of 250 LE to buy some vegetables to sell in front of her house. Upon paying back her initial loan, she took on a further loan of 500LE to expand her business. Mrs Alwani successfully repaid her second loan and requested a third loan of 700LE to build a small store in front of her home. She has now paid off her third loan and is successfully supporting her family with the increased amount and variety of goods she can sell to her many customers. Her children go to school that she can now afford.

Success Story: Improved Housing
A family with a large number of children was living in a two-room apartment on the first floor. The apartment suffered from many problems such as excessive humidity, leakage of wastewater, cracked walls and washed out paint. The floor was covered with old broken layers of cement and infested with insects. More important than the lack of comfort was the lack of hygiene. The family’s health was really low. As part of the rehabilitation process, the floor was filled up and levelled. The walls were repainted and cemented to fill up the cracks and fight insets. Additional windows provided better ventilation in the rooms, and thus improved the hygiene conditions for the target family and especially their children. The house now provides the family with a safe and especially healthy place to live.

Improved Housing: sanitation

Improved Housing: Sanitation