Being an outcast is not that easy feeling to deal with and survive, so after 2 years of success, the “preparation for reintegration “program was able to facilitate the social, psychological and economic reintegration process of children released from prison into the society once again. NHASD with UNODC targeted to reintegrate youth and children in a two-phase program, through before and after release activities, non-formal education and skills usage. The program supported these juvenile offenders on legal, health, social, economic and educational levels in order to give them another chance at life. NHASD believes that these released youth, given proper educational, social, legal, health, and psychological assistance and follow-up, have a positive role to play in society and deserve to be given a second chance. Thus, UNODC provided NHASD with the technical support to implement this program that was funded by the Drosos Foundation. The first phase of the project, “Strengthening Legislative and Institutional Capacity for Juvenile Justice in Egypt”, began in 2003 and the second phase, “Reintegration of Released Children and Youth into the Egyptian Society” was completed in December 2012. A third stage has started at the beginning of 2013. Through this program, NHASD was able to empower more than 80 juveniles through providing employment opportunities and by funding small business projects. We were also able to help around 200 youth with educational and legal issues. In addition to this, NHASD conducted psychiatric sessions for these youth as a necessary support in the process of reintegration. In this project, youth were not our only target, as NHASD also prepared and implemented programs for the juveniles’ parents, providing them with the necessary support to be able to give a positive push to their children to face the world once again.

photo0245 DSC08777 DSC00060

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