• Mission statement

Our mission is to empower the poor and most neglected communities by advancing sustainable community-based development, giving the poor equal right to participate and engage in shaping their political, economic and social environment, and to exercise their right to a socio-economic sustainable livelihood and to access fundamental social services.

  • Overall objective

Encourage the formation of sustainable community structures and develop the human and institutional capacities of Community Development Associations (CDAs);

Demonstrate models for development initiatives that lead to a comprehensive improvement of underprivileged people’s life;

Protect and promote youth and children’s fundamental rights to health, basic education, safe environment and public participation;

Empower women to take lead in the socio-economic and political sphere of their communities.

  • How we work

Our strategies towards promoting sustainable development are built on:

– A right based approach toward development projects;

– A participatory approach towards developing and implementing projects in target communities;

– A need based approach towards community and target group needs;

– A comprehensive approach, collaborating with governmental bodies, international/regional agencies and local NGOs.

Capacity building

NHASD provides individuals, communities and organizations with capacity building on different levels. Based on baseline surveys, need assessments and area studies, NHASD together with its participants determines capacity building series that support target groups to achieve higher qualifications and professionalism in setting their agenda for their own personal and community’s development.

NHASD works closely with local partners and CDA’s aiming towards establishing community service centers that are increasingly more efficient in meeting community members’ needs, as well as securing a higher degree of accountability and transparency. This view on capacity building is not confined to our projects, but also includes training workshops on managerial level for senior NHASD staff members. This ensures that our organization maintains its professionalism and expands its expertise on consistent basis.

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